Facebook’s Auto-Play Videos are Benefiting Marketers

 Video without play buttons is seemingly catching the attention of Facebook users, according to the data contained within Adobe’s Social Intelligence report which was published late on Monday. 

Facebook video autoplay feature

In September 2013, Facebook made the controversial decision to start automatically playing videos (without sound) in the News Feed, but marketers posting videos on the social networking site are reaping the benefits. 

Impressive results shone throughout the report, such as the first three months of 2014 showing that posts with video noticed 58% more engagement than the previous quarter; meaning an increase in click-through rates, likes, comments, or shares.

 Together, the statistics suggest that Facebook users are viewing more video from brands, whilst interacting more by liking and sharing video posts. This also indicates that people are generally becoming more and more receptive and interested in video content!  

 However, it’s not such good news for text-only posts which seem to be on the losing end of Facebook’s changes. Engagement with text-only posts dropped from 1.7% down to 0.5% in a year.

 "Auto- play video has been a controversial decision on websites over the last few years, but it looks to be the complete opposite on social media looking at these engagement stasts. Now is the time to think about video as part of your social media strategy" - Sarah Kersley, Head of Marketing at Rockadove.

 And if you don’t enjoy auto-play…

Then it’s good news! Facebook recently added a setting to disable auto-playing videos on the desktop version, and you can now limit auto-playing videos on your mobile device to only when it is connected to WiFi. You can turn it off by going to your Facebook account settings, clicking on ‘videos’, then disable the function. For mobile devices, you can turn it off in your Facebook app settings. You will need to do this for each device that you use for Facebook.

 The findings really highlight the shift in consumer behaviour and how businesses can benefit from it if they incorporate video into their content. Do you use Facebook to post videos? Have you noticed benefits as a result of auto-playing?


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