Tech company animation

An ambitious tech start-up seeked the expertise of Rockadove to guide them in how best to use video as a marketing tool in an incredibly competetive market.  Our initial discussions were early on the launch of the company, initially producing a short 3D Motion graphics video to utilise in sales meetings and events.  Within 6 months after Credas took on a full-time Marketing role, we came in on a consultancy level, giving out thoughts on using video going forward.

This lead to producing the animation linked below, that reshaped the marketing imagery that Credas were using.  We designed a bespoke style that can be used going forward.  This hihg-tech look and feel suits the brand perfectly and has been well received for the sales team out in the field.  It gives the right image in terms of how the comapny want to be seen in the market and sets them apart from any of their competition.

A video is no longer, just a video.
It needs to encapsulate your brand and grab
the attention of your audience. 

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