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Create a video to clearly provide students and staff health and safety instructions in line with Government guidelines, ahead of their return to the College in September 2020, post covid-19 lockdown.

What we did

We looked at a variety of styles to try and engage both audiences; staff who should want to watch and engage with this content, but also the 16-18 year old student who might be “too cool” to listen.  We decided to go down a very clean and clear design style, not trying to be “hip” and down with the kids, due to the subject and through our understanding and experience of producing content for this target audience.  It needed to be clear and concise to achieve the colleges requirements.

Another great job from the Rockadove team.  With tight timeframes and changing goal posts, you’ve delivered another great video, that we have received great feedback on.

Matthew Jarvis – Marketing Manager

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