Adoption UK

We love to help charities produce effective video content, which is why we launched our Third Sector Prize in 2019. 

When we were approached by the Wales branch of Adoption UK, they came with ideas of how they wanted to get this message across.  Very focused on long form video, interviewing teachers about how they have dealt with children in tricky situations in the past.  

However, when we probed further, in transpired that an initial barrier they come across is engaging teachers to watch content in the first place.  This is where our creative came in to play and we decided to create an emotive, short advert, that would instantly grab the attention of teachers.  This can then be targetted specifically to teachers in Wales, through targetted social media advertising.  

This would grab their attention and direct them to a website where they could find out more information and will be more willing at this point to engage with more content, whether watching videos, or reading articles.

Thinking differently about how you approach video
can result in the most engaging and effective content. 

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📽️ Last week we were filming out in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 in a custom built set, due to UK #Covid restrictions 😷 - 3 weeks ago