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The hot topic of AI (Artificial intelligence), but alas it’s not like Hollywood may have depicted back in the 00’s. Robots aren’t taking over the world just yet, but are they after our jobs?!?!

Whatever your opinion we all need to understand that AI technology isn’t going anyway, in fact it’s becoming engrained in how we do everyday tasks. Even my mobile phone tries to finish writing texts for me. I now pay for a service that sifts through my emails, filling (or deleting) any spam mail that hits my inbox, which hasn’t bode well for those newsletters I signed up for out of the kindness of my heart 10 years ago.

AI isn’t going to steal the jobs of talented and skilled creatives, however we do need to consider that it may change how we approach a project.  The great thing that AI offers is efficiency.  So here is 3 AI tools that we have been utilising and how we think it can benefit you.

Chat GPT

This tool will write you blogs, articles, scripts in a matter of minutes, just by you providing simple cues for it to work from.  Fantastic!  The important element here is your cues needs to be really precise for Chat GPT to gather accurate and relevant information to feature in the content it’s producing.

However, where you can really utilise this tool is by using it to kick-start your writers block.  Why not ask for 5 key areas of discussion on X topic.  Or how to structure an article on Z topic.  It can be a great time saver when it comes to starting content, but can be risky to fully rely on it to produce a full piece.


For still images, MidJourney can create a unique image that perfectly encapsulates your thinking; after you provide a lot of very specific prompts!  Where we see this being useful is for visualising an abstract idea during the kick-off stages of a project.  If we have a wild creative concept for a TV Commercial, it often won’t exist or have been done before, so having something that helps visually explain that to the client can help.

Adobe Podcast

We have all watched a filmed interview with terrible background noise at some point?  Well the wonderful folk at Adobe have created a tool that can correct this in a matter of minutes, whereby previously a poor audio technician may have spent hours if not days trying to find a fix.  This is a game changer, especially with brands and businesses trying to do more video content in house, it gives a cure for terrible audio quality, hip hip hooray!

Right now AI tools should be embraced and integrated into your creative process.  If not, we might find ourselves doing things in an archaic way where budget is spent on mundane tasks rather than on what we see on screen.