Rockadove is growing

Great to see us in the press this week talking about our exciting growth as a Video Production Agency.  We have made two new appointments recently to grow and strengthen our production team.

Rockadove Video Production growth

Jenn joins the team as Production Assistant, focusing on the scheduling of the team and organising our shoots.  Working closely with the production team and our key clients, she will play an important role in ensuring we are well organised to hit tight deadlines.

Matt joins the Motion Graphics team, which we are looking to continue to expand over the coming years. Motion Graphics and Animation videos have become incredibly popular and we are one of the only video production companies locally to offer this in-house, alongside traditional filming projects.  

Video production company growth

"We find a lot of Video Agencies will either focus on traditional filming or animation, despite there often being a large overlap.  Being able to offer both internally for our clients allows us to have full control over the end product and ensure quality and consistency with our projects." - Lloyd Morgan, Managing Director.

The various pieces in the press also touched upon the companies exciting office move, which took place the later part of 2017.  Rockadove moved into offices in Cardiff City centre that are almost 3 times the size of their old office.  Lloyd Morgan went on to say:

"The office move was a key part of our growth plans and ambitions.  It will comfortably allow us to grow to a team of 15 strong over the coming years.  We would then be the largest Video Production company in South Wales of our kind."

Rockadove have 3 more job vacancies currently open, which they have received almost 400 applications for, that they hope to fill over the next 3 months, taking them to a team of 10 full time production staff.

With other exciting expansion plans on the horizon, it really is an exciting time for the company.



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