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What is DRTV?

DRTV is short for Direct Response Television.  This refers to TV Commercials which are produced to get a response.  Encourage viewers to take immediate action.  This can be anything from buying a product, signing up, or simply taking the next step, whether traffic to a website, or engaging with a brand or business.

Different to traditional TV advertising, where it might be a brand campaign, DRTV is focused on generating immediate response, leads, traffic and sales.  These ads can be run in short bursts either once, or throughout the year to get quick results.  Often useful during typical quiet periods or piggybacking big events, whether its Fathers Day, or Veganuary!

The exciting thing about direct response TV is adverts and conversions can be tracked giving you much more tangible results to traditional TV advertising.  In a similar vein to how you might treat digital advertising campaigns, if you are looking to get people to buy and take action through social media platforms.  The only difference is being on TV helps build trust and confidence in your brand whilst your audience is relaxing on the sofa, not just scrolling whilst sat at the bus stop.

Are all DRTV ads cheesy?
They once were and there is still argument that for certain sectors and products you can still get great results from this approach.  However, we see great results from being a little more creative in your approach to DRTV in the modern day.  It is striking the balance of producing a TV advert that reflects your brand well, engages your audience, but also gives you the direct response you are looking for.

Cost of Direct Response TV Advertising?

When you think TV advertising, you probably assume high advertising costs, but you might be surprised.  Yes, if you want your TV advert to play on ITV during Coronation Street you might be looking at around £40k for a slot, however a daytime slot of DAVE might only set you back £100.
Key to the success is working closely with trusted media buyers who understand DRTV so that they can optimise your campaign.

Media buying

Working closely with trusted media buyers who know how to get the best results for a direct response campaign is important.  Typically this is focused on frequency.  You want the ad to be targeting the right audience many times for the lowest possible cost, to ensure frequency of views is high to maximise the opportunity of converting them.  This is often achieved through cheap daytime advertising slots that typically come at a lower cost, and highly targeted relevant channels to your audience.  Ask your production partner for advice and introductions to suitable media buyers, or vice-versa.

How to get started with DRTV?

The best routes are either to start meeting with Video Production Agencies to discuss initial ideas and what you want to achieve through DRTV advertising.  Or meet with media buyers to better understand their recommendations in terms of advertising budgets and best next steps.  Both production houses and media buyers will be able to make introductions to the other side of the process, and it can massively help if there is a good working relationship across all three parties.