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You might’ve entertained the idea of creating your own video content, but found that the process seemed too daunting, or you didn’t have the time! Well it isn’t and while a lot of us marketers are working from home, it is the perfect opportunity to give it a go!

In this post we’ll show you how to get started on making videos at home or in the office, which by the end of it, you’ll be proud to add into your marketing strategy.


Tip 1 – Pre-production planning

When planning your video content, you need to look at three main points:

Outlining your goal

Maybe you want to educate your audience, or increase traffic to your website. Whatever it may be, define your goal before anything else.

Identify your audience

Knowing your key audience will guide everything, from the way you write your script, to which online platforms you distribute it to.

Utilise the power of emotions

Making the best use of emotions will ultimately encourage your audience to follow your call to action.


Tip 2 – Pick the right environment

Your background should never be overlooked when creating your video, it plays a part in the quality of your video, plus it can help you with your story and contribute to your brand.

You don’t need a fancy background or studio to achieve an effective environment for your video. If you’re shooting in an office aim to film in a quiet breakout area where you can add a nice plant into frame next to the sofa. If you’re at home, consider shooting in front of a bookshelf, or set up a corner of your living room with a few props to bring some personality into the shot.



Tip 3 – The camera

Probably one of the big parts of this process that puts people off creating their own content is not having a good camera! You don’t need to hunt out anything fancy, DSLRs can record well, and your phone may even be better than that! For example, the video below was shot entirely on an iPhone 11.

The biggest tip is to lock off the camera so the video footage is not shaky; whether on a tripod, leaning on your desk, or even blue-tac it to a wall!


Tip 4 – Lighting

If you have ever participated in a video that was produced by a Video Production company, then you’ll know that we use a lot of equipment when it comes to lighting. The good news here is that natural lighting works best, and this will be key for you to achieve great lighting in your videos.

Make sure that whatever area you decide to shoot your video, that there are plenty of windows to let in that lovely natural light. You can always add in more light with a lamp if you need to. One thing to bear in mind however, is that the subject isn’t directly facing the window, otherwise they will just look washed out! It may take a bit of playing around, but you’ll get it.


Ideal moments for filming in natural light are at the start and end of the day, during the golden hours. If you plan to shoot outside these are the best times, but if you do need to shoot during the middle of the day, an overcast sky is your best friend. This will reduce harsh light hitting your face, and squinting in the sunshine!


Tip 5 – Filming and editing

It’s time to film!

Almost. It’s important to look at the composition of your frame before filming, using the rule of thirds to achieve the most effective look.


You should know and be prepared to shoot what your subject says more than once. You can even break down your plan into smaller sections, so that you can easily reshoot a dud take. You can then cut the best takes together in the edit!

If you feel like getting fancy you can do some re-shoots at a 45-degree angle to add variety to your video, but do remember that if you’re doing a piece to camera, to keep facing forwards.

When it comes to the edit, there are some great free editing packages available, like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie and Splice which are simple to use. If you find it a little daunting to get into, check out some YouTube tutorials to help you get to grips with your software.


Tip 6 – Share!

Congratulations, you’ve successfully made your own video. Now go out into the digital world and show off your homemade masterpiece!


Rox is one of our project coordinators who helps our clients produce content that is effective and to timescale. Roxanne