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It was a great privilege for our MD Lloyd Morgan to be invited to speak at the Meet:Market Event in September 2018, focusing on the topic of Content Marketing.  The events have seen some fantastic speakers recently including marketers from large private companies, CIM Award winners and the likes of Google.

Content Marketing

Lloyd kick started his talk looking at the changing landscape of content and how whether we know it or not, we are all content creators for our personal brands.  Despite maybe only having an audience of our friends and families we post selfies and photos of our meals on social media, with the aim to impress!  Therefore, we engage with content now in very different ways to how we did even a year ago.  As technology makes it easier for anyone to produce beautiful looking content of their own, businesses and brands have a bigger challenge on their hands.  They need to step up their game, to ensure their ‘professional’ content stands out from the crowd.


Video duration

Duration is often a hot topic with video and we are finding this is down to how people are engaging with video content these days.  A lot of video views are on mobile devices, which often indicate viewers don’t have endless amounts of time to sit and watch content.  Working on social videos at the moment for our clients, we are finding 20-30 seconds is the sweet spot, however Lloyd predicts this will have a turning point in the near future when video durations hit an all-time low point, we will begin to see long form video coming back into fashion!


Mind the GAP Marketing process

Mind the GAP is a trademark process of Lloyd’s, which he has been invited to CIM Masterclass events to talk about.  It strips back the full decision-making process about producing video content and ensures companies and brands have a clear direction before deciding on producing a video, at all.  This process is currently locked behind closed doors and only available to hear at some of our events, or of course for our clients!

The talk was wrapped up looking at examples of work, including a recent successful campaign for the Admiral Insurance Group, where our video adverts saw huge results across multiple platforms.  The proof is in the pudding as they say, and strong data metrics prove quality video content will get engagement, providing a strategy is in place.


History of Meet:Market

Meet:Market events was established in 2014 by us at the Rockadove team.  We wanted to create an event that brought marketers together to meet, socialise and ultimately talk about marketing.  If we bring the best marketers together and talk about what is working and what is not, we will all become better at it.  We relaunched the events in 2017 with the help of Liberty Marketing and Yolk Recruitment