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Back in 2016 we decided to strengthen our Motion Graphics and Animation offering by bringing in a dedicated Motion Graphics team in-house. Having this dedicated skillset meant we could offer sector leading animated videos to our clients, and have since produced videos for the likes of Barclays, NHS and Triumph Motorcycles.


Increased popularity of Motion Graphics content

Motion Graphics (MGFX) was initially used for explainer videos, or incredible high-quality CGI product videos.  It was noticeable across the sector that Animation Agencies were built of talented Graphic Designers, dabbling in modest animations, which resulted in beautifully designed imagery, but with simplistic animation. So we decided to focus on bringing in specialist animators who could bring videos to life, and combining this with our understanding of marketing and viewer engagement, meant we were producing really effective video content for our clients.

It is with great pride that we launch a motion graphics Showreel for 2019, that gives a small taste into the variety of styles and animation techniques that we use.  Please take a look and we would love to hear your thoughts!


Mixed-media video content

One of the advantages of having full-time dedicated animators in-house, alongside our traditional video production team, is we can combine the two disciplines to produce what is known as mixed media.

We have a few examples of this in our Motion Graphics showreel, but for our clients this means we can easily add animation to any project. Whether a simple title graphic or logo ident, to full animated overlay graphics and visual effects.


Being ahead of the curve and understanding the direction of the industry is crucial to the success of our future campaigns.  Offering both filmed and animated content in-house means we can be a one stop shop for businesses, brands and agencies looking to outsource video content production.  What do we have next in store?  You will just have to wait and see!