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We’re excited to welcome 2018 here at Rockadove – and hope 2018 is a great year for you all. Have you got any new years resoultions? Our team have a few ranging from taking up Yoga to cutting out dairy!

We’ve been lucky enough to work on some fantastic projects in 2017 and hit some business milestones along the way, includign expanding the team and moving into our new offices in Cardiff City centre.  Here’s just a few to doff our cap to 2017….


Animating the New £1 Coin

Being involved in a project that every single Britain will recognise is quite a wonderful thing.  Now although they might not see our video content, everyone is familiar with the new £1 coin!
Paul, our Motion graphics artist was set the challenge of showing the various layers of the new coin in a short social media video.


Tour of Europe

Now although the project is yet to launch, we were asked by an International Healthcare Company to produce a series of videos (36 in total) to be utilised as part of an in-depth World-wide recruitment campaign.
The filming involved us flying around Europe for 3 weeks, visiting 6 different countries.  It was a great experience for the team and testament to the level of video we deliver for our clients, knowing they chose to fly us around instead of using local production companies in country.


Pobl Group

This is a video we continuely get high praise for, many people without realising we produced it.  When the two largest Housing Associations in Wales merged, Pobl was formed.  As part of their rebrand they wanted to engage their 2000+ staff members and encourage the very best talent to the organisation.  This is what we did for them:



Needless to say there were many other highlights in our year and certainly lots of projects we are incredibly proud of.  Over the coming month we will collate our favourites and will edit together our 2018 showreel which will highlight some of the best.

Thank you to our friends and clients for their continued support.  We look forward to producing more fantastic video content together in 2018.