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With a nursing shortage across the UK and numerous organisations going to market to recruit nursing staff from across the UK, Cwm Taf University Health Board wanted to deliver an innovative recruitment campaign.

We teamed up with Jam Jar PR to deliver the video aspect of this integrated recruitment campaign, which aimed to target both graduate nurses and established nurses within the UK market. It also needed to position Cwm Taf University Health Board as an employer of choice, whilst increasing the number of nurses it recruits.

Truly understanding a clients’ market is essential to us when we start a video project. Barriers, opportunities, goals and competitor activity are a great place to start planning a concept that will really work. It was clear that location, lower cost of living and promoting the flexibility of Cwm Taf as a smaller health board were key messages that the video concept should address.

The videos would play a key role on the campaign’s microsite, social media and a video would be advertised on 4oD alongside programmes that are likely to be watched by target audiences.

Main Campaign Video

Our idea for the main campaign video was to have a selection of staff talking directly to camera, answering the same questions, bringing to life the culture, community and care elements.  This would focus on the staff themselves and why they genuinely enjoy working for Cwm Taf University Health Board.

It works well as we can hear multiple answers, quickly and in a more engaging way.  This type of video can bring more personality across and will be more shareable than individual testimonial videos.

The beauty of this video is in its perceived simplicity, although to achieve the look and outcome a lot goes into the production.  Getting anyone to speak direct to camera is incredibly difficult, as eyes will wonder!  We brought in a specialist piece of kit that allows those being interviewed to have eye contact with the interviewer, while they are actually look directly down the lens.  Other than this, it is vital to keep the background exactly the same throughout, so we block all natural light into the room and light the scene from scratch.

Once we have all the interviews, we then need to work through and deconstruct the content, deciding which snippets accompany others and how to create the right message to achieve the end goals for the client.

Take a look at the finished campaign video below!

Individual Nurse Case Studies

For this campaign to work, we needed to attract nurses to the area, not just to the job, as nursing doesn’t vary much across the UK.  We decided to focus on three nurses and their individual journeys to work, their interactions with staff and patients, accompanied with an interview with each talking about what they love about working and living with the Cwm Taf area.

To attract the right staff, they need to get a feel of the local area (where they will be living) and the place of work.  Seeing a selection of current nurses, of different ages and demographics would give a variety of perspectives, so that viewers would be able to relate to one of the nurse examples, whether by age, career level or lifestyle.

Filming them travelling to work puts their day to day life into perspective and tells more of a story.  It’s not just about the working environment, it’s about quality of life and we want to hear what they enjoy doing during their time off; whether quality family time, painting or walking the dog in the local area.

Results so far…

After only 3 weeks of the campaign launching, there’s already some great results!

  • Almost 30,000 video views across all platforms.
  • The campaign’s best performing social media posts have been the posts with videos.
  • 11,400 people have viewed the main campaign video
  • With 1,200 post clicks.
  • As a result of the different elements of this campaign, Cwm Taf have witnessed a massive improvement in applications to work for Cwm Taf!

Whatever your industry, a recruitment campaign is a great way to grow your employer brand and also to get the right skills and talent queuing at your door to work for you!