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With video prevailing as the most popular method for viewers to take in content, it makes sense to use it at a corporate level as well as for marketing purposes, right?

The great thing about using video in your recruitment process is that you don’t need a massive budget to reap the rewards. Here are some tips to creating an eye-catching vacancy video.



In today’s video-heavy world, conveying your company’s ideals can sometimes prove to be a little tricky through the medium of text. However, with video you can show the emotion and spirit behind your company’s brand values, and with the correct tone in place you can blow potential candidates away with how exciting and interesting your company is, giving you a greater chance of finding the right person and making a stronger connection straight from the start.


Your USP

An effective method to make your video eye-catching is to showcase what makes your business unique. You may have distinctive features in your office like a living wall, or like to encourage your employees to prioritize a healthy work-life balance. You could also look to record snippets of current employees describing their personal journeys within the company to instil a sense of authenticity in your potential candidate. It’s good to note to tread carefully with employee testimonials and making sure the questions you ask them don’t result in a generated, overly-corporate answer. Asking them generic questions that the candidate may potentially have enables you and them to have time to ask the more in-depth questions at the interview stage, leaving you to assess the personal fit, rather than answering FAQs.


Social Media

These days social media can be your greatest selling tool, so with just one click your video recruitment ad can be up and running for the world to see.

Using video for your recruitment will be far more eye catching on Linkedin than just a link to the text page on your website, and making use of targeted ads on Facebook is a really good tool to get your adverts reaching further than just those who follow your page.

The added benefit of this is that videos grab the consumer’s attention much better than text, and even if people aren’t looking or a job in that sector, they may well share your video to a wider audience to garner attention.


Multiple videos

This is great from a social-distribution perspective, especially twitter. Following on from the earlier idea of insightful interviews from employees, you’re bound to have a difference in personal experience between, say, a programmer and a marketing exec. This gives you a great opportunity to capture different points of view that will create some create content for social shorts, and you can roll out in stages to keep your content flow up.  The videos above that we created for Companies House is a great example of this. We produced a ‘general’ recruitment video, along with a more tailored digital directorate recruitment piece. This advertised two different viewpoints from within the company, and enabled them to reach a much wider audience online.

A big thing to keep in mind with these kinds of videos is how you want to make the potential candidate feel. Do you want to make them feel inspired? Excited? Do you want them to think that your company employs interesting people, and that your company seems like an interesting one to work for?

If you’re thinking about creating some video content for your recruitment strategy, we can help you with that, just drop us a line and we can get started!