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It’s the first Monday of 2015. Your ‘to-do’ list is ever growing. Your coffee is strong. If you’re searching for ideas and inspiration of how to tell your story, we’ve got you covered with our predictions on what will be hot in the world of video marketing this year. Up until recently, marketers have used video sparingly as way of enhancing a website but not using its full potential to be the core of a marketing or sales strategy, but that’s all about to change; here’s what to expect from video marketing this year:

The Power of the Play Button

We know that audiences prefer video over other content formats and we have the statistics to prove it! 75% – that’s the percentage of executives who told Forbes that they watch work-related videos online at least once a week and a further 65% visit the website of that business after viewing.  If you’ve neglected video marketing, you’re missing out communication with the people who you want to be doing business with. When you post an online marketing video to a business website, you’ve got a great chance of engaging with the very people who you want to speak to; who are specifically looking for your service. Consumers will be seeking more video content this year and brands will need to address the growing need for visual content in order to build relationships.

Hungry for data?

If you love your audience insights, then it’s good news because data-driven video marketing is on the up. We now have the luxury of looking at average drop off rates, click-through rates, where your viewers are, their age,  gender and even what they’re searching for.

More Motion Graphics

We saw a huge surge in popularity of motion graphics style videos in 2014 as a really successful way of portraying information that’s complex or data driven and for good reason, as they’re so versatile! We anticipate even more demand for motion graphics this year as businesses unveil the value of this style.

The Time-lapse and Hyper Lapse Trend

Time-lapse and hyper-lapse videos were all the rage last year with the mass-scale adoption of Go-Pros which make both styles more user-friendly. Later in the year, the new iPhone came with a hyper-lapse feature which was a big hit, making the style of video even more accessible. Our verdict? Although this style of video  is still popular, they’ll be dying down slightly this year as they become potentially overused, although there will still be a place when integrating this style as part of a bigger video project.

‘How-To’s’ and Tutorials

Educating audiences through video has significant power to sell products and services and we predict that this will only grow in popularity this year. Here’s another statistic for you, 70% of beauty product purchasers view YouTube tutorials to influence what they will buy. That’s a staggering opportunity and other industries will continue to leverage the power of tutorials to increase their sales.

Video on Social Networks

Facebook is set to challenge YouTube as a video destination with more than one billion video views on average every day. Interactions will continue to increase with short-term videos such as GIFs and Instagram videos, particularly humorous ones!

To takeaway…

Whatever your industry, there’s a whole realm of video opportunities waiting to be unlocked this year. We can’t wait to see video flourish and work with some amazing brands to transform their video marketing into 2015!