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The brief

After delivering a highly successful campaign with Adoption UK previously, we took to the drawing board again, this time to create an animated piece to focus on school transitioning.

Adoption UK were looking to bring the voices of adopted young people to life through a short video, which would talk about their experiences of transitioning into secondary school; a time that can often be challenging for those who have been through childhood trauma. The project was aimed at educating parents of adopted children, but also teachers in schools, so they have a better understanding of the challenges adopted children can go through when they move from Junior to Senior school.

This would be utilised as part of a bigger outreach campaign to parents and schools across Wales, in the hope that conversations could be had and steps put in place to aid children during this stage of life.

What we did

Working with Adoption UK, we organised a workshop with young adopted people and asked them questions on their thoughts and experiences. We then used this information to devise a script and develop the visuals into a powerful and thought-provoking piece. Our animation team decided to go down this hand-drawn and erratic feel, to help show the anxiety and worry of the children through the video.  A really effective and engrossing style of animation.


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