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Develop a recruitment campaign for fire fighters across the South of Wales, that would showcase the wider activities of the fire service, not just putting our fires, which is common misconception.

What we did

Focusing around the variety of jobs that fire fighters undertake, we focused on developing a script to narrate the film, then carefully planned out scenes to visual accompany the narrative.
This was originally just a digital campaign, however it was so highly received by the Fire Service that they also ran a cut down version of the film as a TV Commercial, targeting specific geographical areas they were looking to recruit.

A previous campaign

A few years previous, the client was looking for a recruitment campaign led by video, to recruit on-call fire fighters.

Utilising our creative process allowed us to find the best solution for the client,.  Market research was undertaken to gain insight into what on-call fire fighters signed up, which gave us great insight into the reasoning behind their decisions.

We then broke this up into four personas, each representing the types of people we believed we should target and therefore decided to produce a series of videos addressing each type of person directly. The idea was to put ad spend behind each of these videos, targeting interests and job titles in specific geographical areas within South Wales.  However the project was only launched organically, but still delivered some incredible results.

% increase in applications
% increase in female applicants
people reached
video engagements

Here are the 4 videos:

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