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Produce a promotional film to engage potential students to study at the School of Engineering at Cardiff University.

What we did

We work with a lot of UK Universities and Higher Education establishments, so really understand both how they market to recruit students, but also have deep understanding of the psychology and engagement of video content. We developed a full film including both scripted course details and student endorsement, focusing on the content that we believe would excite potential students.

This video is a cut down edit from the main film, which works so well on its own.  A well directed interview with a current student, talking passionately about the course and elements that he enjoys.  It shows passion, provokes intrigue and inspires the viewer to want to find out more.  This is a great example of repurposing a main film into shorter and more engaging content that maximises the value of the shoot itself, and provides a more substantial blanket of video content to reach and engage your audience.