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Produce a video to encourage potential students to choose Cardiff University as to where to study a healthcare science course.

What we did

We used our strategic marketing knowledge to dive deeper into the brief and find out the challenges the University faced in student recruitment.  We investigated what current students loved about the University and Cardiff as a city.  We then combined all of this knowledge and suggested a series of case study films, each of which would tell an individual students story of what they liked about the course, University and City.  The idea being is if we had a series of case studies, there should be at least one case study that a potential student would connect and engage with, whether it was covering a topic of interest, or possibly the individual was more relatable to them.

The marketing department identified 3 students to feature in these case studies.  After producing the initial 3 case studies the University got such great results they commissioned a further 3 case studies and an overarching film to maximise the video content in the Universities recruitment efforts.

From a creative perspective we wanted to give these case studies an interesting look, whilst being limited by student availability, access and budgeted time.  We brought in tube lights for the interview setup, and captured the majority of the b-roll on a gimbal to give it nice fluid motion.