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Produce an animated video to engage the general public with unbiased but factual information about vaccines, to give them the best opportunity to make an educated decisions around vaccinations.

What we did

One of our strengths is getting to grips with a brief and finding the very best way of engaging a target audience and delivering that message.  Working closely with the Public Health Wales vaccination team, we discovered the concerns and barriers people have with vaccines and analysed the facts that surround them.
Our in-house script writing ability allowed us to write a full script encapsulating everything that we discovered into a coherent and engaging script that would be effective for the target audience.

We then develop a creative design style for the animation, before creating styleframes and storyboarding the animation in full, so that the client had full visibility and sign off the visuals and script side-by-side.  Our 2D Motion Graphics team then embarked on bringing the video to life, adding in some frame-by-frame animated elements to finish the project off.