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Here is what some of the team have been binge watching on Netflix during lockdown, please don’t hold some of these recommendations against them, all opinions are the teams, not the companies!


Brooklyn Nine Nine

Light comedy entertainment that has just released its 6th series on Netflix. These are short 20 minute episodes that Matt tries to squeeze in between nap times and nappy changes. Matthew

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

This is crazy and it gets crazier throughout.  Another great bizarre Netflix Documentary that is just crazy.  Just go and watch! Rox

Formula 1: Drive to survive

Never having been a F1 fan, Lloyd never really saw the appeal to the sport, however this series has got him hooked.  A really insightful behind the scenes look into the ins and outs of Formula 1.  Putting personalities to the drivers and the teams in an adrenaline fuelled 2 series. Don’t be put off by the topic, give it a go! Lloyd

Somebody feed Phil

All of Andys favourites were food related, including 'Ugly Delicious' and the series ‘Chef’, but this one stood out to him.  He says it is a bit of a marmite show, you’ll either love it or hate it, but says Phil the presenter is a nice bloke, funny and he just loves food, which is why it works! Andy

Dogs (Series)

A lovely heartwarming series that will almost certainly make you want to have a dog.  A variety of case study stories about the impact a dog has had on individuals and families.  Millie always sits intently watching it, probably a little confused why there are other dogs in the house! Millie


As a vegan, Mat insists our office fridge is filled with Oat Milk and actually thinks the Greggs Vegan sausage roll is pretty good!  This documentary looks at the environmental impact of meat on the environment and will make even the most avid of meat eaters think more about this topical issue.  Mat


This is an 11 minute documentary about Zion, a passionate and talented wrestler in America, that was born with no legs.  Beautifully shot and the type of film we enjoy producing.   Simon


A fantastic BBC drama, a great example of how they have stepped up their production value in recent years.  Sam is re-watching this great series for the second time and if you haven’t already watching it, definitely give it a go! Sam

RuPauls Drag Race

In the true sense of the word, proper binge TV.  This American reality TV show competition is on the search for the next American Drag Superstar!  Funny, emotional, engaging and wild.  Carrie was hooked from the beginning. Carrie

The Dark Crystal

An old film, but a great fantasy plot of Jen, a Gelfling on a quest to restore balance to the world of Thra.  It is a 1982 puppet-animated film, so although not strictly ‘live action’ we would certainly recommend.  If you want something a little more upto date, Matt suggestes you check out the animated series that has just been released! Matt

Hope some of our recommendations come in handy, but the most important thing is you all stay safe, stay home and look after your families and loved ones.

What would we do without Netflix?!

If you would rather a book to read, or an audio book for that matter, check out ‘That Will Never Work’ by Marc Randolph, a fantastic insight into the Netflix story.