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Not your average video company…

Great video is achieved when great minds strategically plan and create unique and clever content for a specific audience.  If you are looking for someone to turn up and press record, you’re looking in the wrong place.

We like to work collaboratively with our clients to better understand your problems and challenges.  Get to the bottom of exactly why you want to create a video in the first place.  This greater understanding allows us to use all the available knowledge and information to carefully plan and produce video content that works.  Finding that little bit of magic that engages your audience, drives your campaign and exceeds your expectations.

We offer a full comprehensive production service, from idea generation through full production and delivery.


A video to promote a business, product or service.  This used to be a buzz word for online video, but 99% of the content we produce now will be utilised online even if that isn’t it’s primary platform.

Similar to a promotional video, but a TV Commercial tends to be more direct in its messaging and typically has a bigger budget so it can stand out on a competitive broadcast platform.  TVC’s have become much more accessible now with the likes of digital catch-up TV and AdSmart, massively reducing the advertising costs and also allows you to target your audience by geographic location and demographic.

Social content needs to be approached differently as the audience tend to be scrolling past on a mobile device. The majority of your audience will be watching with videos muted and important to consider the duration and aspect ratio of video content on social media platforms.

A really popular and powerful type of content, most effective when you have personal and emotional stories to tell.  A case study will focus on one person, business, or story and can easily be a longer form of video content if you so desire.  This will often replace testimonial style content, as it will give the viewer a fuller story than just a talking head.

Infographics tends to relate to well designed imagery and statistics in graphic design, so would be treated as a Motion Graphics video, providing the content lent itself to this.