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Cardiff University were looking for a video production supplier who could develop a creative concept and deliver full production of an emotive film within 3 months.  The film would be showed during the Graduation ceremonies of 2022 through to 2025. The film had to empower the Graduates, making them proud to have attended the University and want to be an active part of the alumni community.

What we did

We have extensive experience in working in the education sector, in particular higher-education.  This knowledge and understanding of the target audience played in our favour.  Our creative idea blew all other production companies who were pitching, out of the water!  Our suggestion was a monologue concept, where a key protagonist would deliver a poetic and emotive script to camera, which could be accompanied by staged cutaway sequences.

The turnaround on this project was tight, especially logistically getting availability of contributors and student volunteers to participate.  We also had to have a poetic script written and approved, ensuring it ticked all the boxes ahead of any filming.

Trying to keep the film as authentic as possible, the University only wanted to use current students of genuine alumni in the film.  Fortunately we hired graduate Liz Clements, now a BBC presenter to deliver the monologue which was absolute key to the success of the concept.

The film was played in the Principality Stadium to 10,000’s of people in the audience over the Graduation week in 2022, with resounding feedback and applause each time.  It will get many more years of value in the years to come.

Here is a look behind the scenes: