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As a trusted video supplier for The Royal Mint since 2016 we were called upon for a quick turnaround product launch video. The in-house marketing team had developed a storyboard in line with their wider video content and asked for us to bring this to life and add some additional creative flair.

What we did

We are very familiar with clients brand and how their audience engage with video content, which allows us to make quick and effective decisions to how to produce video content for them, whether filmed or animated.  In this case we took their storyboard concept and added in some further shot sequences to help add narrative and depth to the visuals.  We also leant into some of their wider marketing design work for the coin launch, which incorporated the pink and blue colours representing UK and US, bringing this creative idea into the filmed video.  As you can see there is subtle (and some not so subtle) pink and blue throughout the video, which gives it a distinctive modern look.