YouTube ranking algorithm change

YouTube Ranking Updates - November 2012

A click is no longer enough, engagement is key to YouTube rankings. As with all search engine algorithms, things are constantly adapting and 'improving' (not every change is an improvement) so it is important to bear these changes in mind.

It used to be that the more views your videos had, the better it would rank for the 'tags' and keywords in your title and description

Now YouTube are putting a focus on video

performance and engagement from viewers.

There are some great free tools to monitor this within YouTube statistics which will give you an idea of your videos performance.

As online video becomes more popular and important for businesses, holding your viewers attention is going to play an important part (which it should anyway!).

YouTube Stats

This should not be a concern to most video producers, because as long as the content and production of the video is of high quality, retention rates should be strong. The problems will occur where people have attempted to produce amateur videos for their business with little or no knowledge of how to do so. This is why you shouldn't produce business videos yourself, but use a company like Lloyd Morgan Productions offering professional video production. ;)

So what does this mean for businesses who want

to use video as part of their marketing strategy?

Well, its no longer a matter of 'doing' a video and ticking it off the list. Its about producing engaging content, which is fun, informative, useful, imaginative. Its not necessarily about doing a one off video, but thinking of using video as a more long term strategy releasing videos regularly across various platforms to reach current and new audiences. Here are 5 ideas about getting started with video for business.

These changes wont effect the majority of us, but needs to be considered with how you progress with video. Video is not a fad and recent stats are backing this up. It is here to stay and every business will need to be using video to compete for attention as more and more purchasing decisions move online. Video content needs to grab and hold peoples attention.

Speak to one of our team if you want to discuss strategies to incorporate videos into your marketing mix for the coming year.



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