Engage your audience with social media

The impact of social media has really changed how people interact with companies, but equally has made it a lot easier for businesses to engage with their client base. So how are so many companies getting it wrong?!

Engaging Social Medai Audiences

Building on your audience

It's not about the amount of followers you have on social media, but the engagement you have with them. The old saying, "it is quality, not quantity" springs to mind. People are obsessed with the amount of followers they have on twitter, or the amount of likes their Facebook page has, and you can even buy followers on fiver.com! If you have 1000 followers, but not one of them read your tweets, or click on your links, what is the benefit? You would be better off having 5 followers, all of which look forward to your next post.

Being helpful

You start to build this engagement by providing useful information, that people have an interest in. Online marketing is actually very little about selling, it is mainly about awareness. It is consistently reminding people that you are there, that you are the experts in a certain service offering and you are trustworthy for when the time is right.
Interact with your followers and provide tailored content to make their lives easier and also to make them feel important to you and your brand. Providing content that is worth sharing will inevitably spread the word and increase the number of quality followers.

Personalising the business

People like to see who they are dealing with, so by putting a face or multiple key faces to your business will really help build trust with potential customers. This is where video comes into it's own; by coming across sincere and honest in your videos, over time you will become a familiar face and voice, that people will recognise when they walk into your store, or pick up the phone to make an enquiry.

Establishing yourself

By providing informative content on a regular basis you can build a reputation for being an expert in your field, which will help entice wavering customers when they see you as the authority in your sector. How can they disagree with the expert who's giving out free advice? Especially when compared to a competitor who is faceless and keeping their 'supposed' knowledge locked away?

Why video?

By utilising multiple senses, both visuals with sound people become more engaged with the message or information you are trying to get across. Tapping into these senses also makes it much more memorable and will be recalled much easily at a later date compared to a page of text. Building up the personal aspect of using video with a familiar face will also allow you to be almost a household name, a go to person for your chosen topic.


Interacting with people on social media will build your profile, whether you are acting as a brand or as an individual within a company. Be careful what you say, but also don't hold back on useful information, as this is what will help you build a following that will be quality over quantity. If people feel they can ask you a question, they will also feel comfortable in enquiring about a service or product you offer.
Ideally we would visit every single potential customer and talk to them in person, as this is the best way to build trust and confidence in you and your brand, however this is unfortunately not realistic. So video is a great first step, where they have the chance to gradually build trust and feel comfortable with how you communicate, look, sound and interact. So utilise marketing tools like video to boost your social media goals and engage with your audience.



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