Rockadove Showreel 2018

Rockadove showreel 2018

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Selecting the best video footage

For any video production agency across the world, let alone South Wales, your showreel is an opportunity to 'show off' your best work, or favourite projects.  However when it comes to finding the time to edit your own videos (which is hard enough), picking and choosing your best video content to include is really tricky.  You ned up having to cut out some of your favourite video projects, or best shots to make the showreel work!

This year has been no exception and plenty of our projects have ended up on the 'cutting room floor' (that's old movie talk, from when they used to literally cut the film reels with scissors and sellotape the scenes together) and it is alwasy a shame that current projects we are working on that havent yet gone live and too early to feature in this years reel.


Well, until next year!  Hope you like our new showreel and if you are looking to produce video content, we would love to have a conversation to see how we can help.



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