Matthew joins the team

We’ve expanded our team to welcome our new Camera/Video Editor Matt! 

Matthew comes from a solid sports journalism background, working around the globe for the last four years as a video journalist at Perform Sports Group in London, and previous to that he worked extensively as an assistant producer for the Women’s Tennis Association, filming and interviewing top athletes such Simona Halep and Serena Williams.  This invaluable experience has made Matt very calm in what can be a hectic world, being able to put anyone at ease in front of the camera, however starstruck he should be!
His expertise in producing promotional content for broadcast and online platforms will be a great asset to the Rockadove team.

Why a career in video production? 

Matt’s interest in making films started as a child, finding inspiration in the blockbuster films created by Stephen Spielberg. This prompted Matthew on to create home videos with friends, before deciding later on in life to study film and tv production at Westminster, and pursue that hobby as a career!

What is he really like? 

In his spare time Matt’s passion is cooking! He is also a keen board gamer as he loves the challenge of a puzzle, and getting everyone engaged socially around the table is a refreshing change in the digital world that we live in.

Matt’s Embarrassing Fact

Matt was three minutes into interviewing rugby star Sonny Bill Williams when the cameraman announced to the room that he hadn’t been recording. Cue absolute death stare to Matt from Sonny’s team whilst they started again, and although he was understanding it made Matt feel like folding in on himself out of embarrassment!



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