The Price of Freedom by Kevin Ashman


It is rare occurance that we have a project fall into our laps that isn’t trying to sell or promote something directly.  So, it was great to speak with Kevin Ashman, a local author in South Wales, about a recent poem he wrote; a poem about WWI.  So popular in fact that famous Hollywood actor Michael Sheen even heard about it and agreed to get involved.  We have filmed with Michael a number of times over the years and he is a true gentleman, and possibly the perfect voice to narrate such a wonderful poem.

We had full creative control over how we produced this project, which opened up so many possible avenues.  After exploring a number of ways, Matt Price from our Motion Graphics team presented the idea of an ink style animation to bring strong WWI imagery to life in an engaging way.



What Matt said..

“When Lloyd came to me with the poem I was enthralled by the vivid imagery the language could inspire. The language used throughout is very bold, very visceral, and so I wanted to create something that felt tactile and layered, to match the sombre tone without taking the viewer too far away from the reality of the events that occurred. This led me to using murky red and black ink splashes and old, decaying photos shrouded in darkness. This degradation of the imagery and inability of the viewer to perceive acute detail was a choice I made to suggest that these images aren't memories, as the man never did go to war - but they are historical photos of the horrific events that occurred, lost to time, and tainted by the pain and sorrow of the man looking back on them with respect - and regret - for the people he never met, that saved his future.” 


We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did creating it!





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