17 / Jul

How much does a video cost?

This blog outlines the things to consider when hiring a video company and hopefully will give you an idea of the cost of video production. Answering the ever changing question of "how much does a video cost?"

12 / Jul

Alun joins the team!

Alun Morgan joins the team as a new recruit filling the Video Editor role, as we look to expand over the coming year.

15 / May

Job Vacancy - Cardiff - Video Editor

We have a jobs vacancy for a talented video editor based in our offices in Cardiff Bay. This position is offered through the Jobs Growth Wales initiative.

24 / Jan

Engage your audience with social media

The impact of social media has really changed how people interact with companies, but equally has made it a lot easier for businesses to engage with their client base. Here are some tips on using social media for business, to help you engage your customers and convert those leads.

07 / Dec

Future of Online Video - Predictions for 2013

Future of online video as predicted for the coming year, looking at what we think the future has in store for online video in 2013. How this marketing tool will develop and become an crucial part of online presence for business.

27 / Nov

Work Placements in the Digital Industry - Why are they such a good idea?

Daves work placement success story, looking at the benefits of placements and why he would recommend them to others seeking work in the digital field.

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