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Produce a customer case study film and a suite of how-to tutorial films for a new medical product being launched across Europe.  Filming to take place out in Zurich, Switzerland.

What we did

We flew a small film crew out to Switzerland for a 3 day shoot, with a tight filming schedule to capture all of the content required.  We brought in some additional crew in country to help with language barriers and also to arrange for filming permits and organisation ahead of us arriving.

For the customer case study we worked closely with the client to establish messaging and key areas to cover, before arranging pre-filming interviews with all contributors to fully understand the story, from which we fully mapped out a content structure and planned where and when to film to bring this video to life.   This was essential especially with a tight turnaround and not having local knowledge of the area.

The wider suite of video content was simpler, but the volume of filming required meant we had to be clever about how we organised the shooting schedule to achieve the deliverables within the days on location.  We took client lead on what was happening and ensuring everything was captured on the day, working closely with them during post-production to bring these complex ho-to videos to life.