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Skills for Health are the skills sector council for healthcare across the UK. 

This example video was pivotal to a national UK wide campaign that had within the first few weeks, a reach of over 5 million and the video had 70,000 views.  

"I love it...thanks so much!
You guys have done a great job!  Can't wait
to get 'sharing' it"

Dawn Bratcher
Senior Marketing Manager - Skills For Health

What we've done

We have been working with Skills For Health since 2013, primarily filming events and producing motion graphics videos to raise awareness and to ensure quality content is available for stakeholders.

In 2015, we were approached with regards to a new national campaign they were thinking of running and they wanted a corproate video, featuring senior staff talking through what they want to achieve to accompany the campaign.  As a company, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to marketing and project promotion, especially when incorproating video content.  Immediately we did not feel this was right for the client and insisted we came back with some unique ideas to help this campaign become more successful and engaging for their target market.

A few weeks later we pitched a very bold and brave video concept to Skills For Health.  An idea and type of video they had never considered in the past and would very much either be a success or an embarassing flop.  Having worked with us a lot over the last few years they trusted in our knowledge and know how and we were given the go ahead.

Filming the project was hard work, we had incredibly tight timeframes at the location, Southmead Hospital in bristol, whilst organising and directing actors and staff who had kindly volunteered to feature in the video.  All of which whilst the hospital was still in full use and at any given moment we would need ot vacate a room or area to allow healthcare staff to perform their duties.

Once the video was complete, the whole marketing campaign adapted to put the video very much at the forefront of the campaign and once it launched, within the first 2 weeks the campaign had reached 5 million people and the video alone had recieved 70,000 views,  

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